Togat Nusa: Mentawai Paradise on a Private Island

Togat Nusa: Mentawai Paradise on a Private Island

Have you ever dreamed of living on a private island?

I know I have, but it’s a pretty huge leap to make that dream come true.

For some inspiration into turning your island dreams into reality look no further than my friends John and Ainsley at Togat Nusa Retreat in the Mentawais of Sumatra.

They’ve carved their own paradise out of 12 hectacres of white sand beach edged with palm trees, a beautiful coral reef lagoon, and one of the most perfect surfing waves anywhere in the world.

I had the chance to spend ten days on the island with Ainsley and John and a group of friends, surfing, snorkeling, stargazing, sunset watching, and generally making our tropical island dreams come true.

This photo gallery covers highlights from ten days of island hopping, stargazing, sunset watching, and surfing the waves in an around Togat Nusa Retreat in Sumatra.

Check out the photo gallery below for some of the many highlights of the trip, or click here now to see the complete collection of photo galleries from the adventures – from surfing, to aerial photos, to underwater waves, to astrophotography, to some of the most beautiful tropical beaches on earth.