Clownfish Underwater Photo Portfolio: 'Finding Nemo' in the Cora

Clown Fish



This gallery is for all the ‘Finding Nemo’ fans out there!

I’ve been taking underwater photos of clownfish for more than ten years, so this is a collection of my favorites – hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed meeting all these friendly fishies.

Most photos are of the Ocellaris (or common) clownfish variety, but you’ll also find pink anemonefish, skunk clownfish, tomato clownfish, spinecheek clownfish, and a few other clownfish species that I haven’t identified ๐Ÿ™‚

These underwater photos are from the Coral Triangle – one of the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots. I’ve been lucky to explore beautiful reefs across Indonesia and the Philippines, from Komodo, Raja Ampat, Tubbataha, Panglao Island, Bali, and Apo Island.

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