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  • Best Sellers

    Best Sellers

    A collection of some of my favorite adventure and underwater photos from around the world.

  • Sea Turtles

    Sea Turtles

    Every sea turtle that I’ve ever photographed has had a distinct personality. From the gentle old souls of the sea who barely acknowledge your presence, to the sharp-eyed youngsters who peer at the lens with the intensity of a bird of prey, no two turtles are the same on camera. Even when I was first…

  • Aerial


    This gallery includes some of my favorite aerial photos taken with a drone around the islands of Indonesia. Highlights include destinations such as Bali, the Mentawai Islands, Java, a liveaboard dive trip East of Flores, and more. My favorite shots are the aerial panoramic photos from some of the beautiful destinations I’ve been lucky to…

  • Sharks
  • Clown Fish

    Clown Fish

    This gallery is for all the ‘Finding Nemo’ fans out there! I’ve been taking underwater photos of clownfish for more than ten years, so this is a collection of my favorites – hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed meeting all these friendly fishies. Most photos are of the Ocellaris (or common) clownfish…

  • Tropical Fish & Coral Reefs

    Tropical Fish & Coral Reefs

    This is a collection of my favorite tropical fish photos.

  • Waves & Ocean

    Waves & Ocean

    A collection of my favorite wave and ocean photos.

  • Islands & Beaches

    Islands & Beaches

    Over the past ten+ years of assignments and commissioned photo shoots I’ve been very lucky to visit and photograph some of the most beautiful tropical islands on earth. With tall palm trees swaying in the breeze, fringed by white sand beaches and surrounded by sapphire-blue water, nothing says ‘paradise’ like a beautiful tropical island. This…