No amount of preparation quite prepares you for the experience of being in the water with a whale shark. As the world’s largest fish, the sheer size of these ‘gentle giants’ as they pass by is a thrill that’s hard to describe. Seeing the outline of a huge shark approaching (even though they’re plankton feeders) gives the caveman brain a jolt of adrenaline – maybe ... Read More

Mantas are believed to be the most intelligent of all the elasmobranch species – and one of my favorite wildlife for underwater photography. You never quite know what you’re going to get during an interaction with mantas – sometimes they’re shy, passing by just out of reach of your lens, sometimes they come near, playfully spinning below the surface. The manta photos in this gallery ... Read More

Every sea turtle that I’ve ever photographed has had a distinct personality. From the gentle old souls of the sea who barely acknowledge your presence, to the sharp-eyed youngsters who peer at the lens with the intensity of a bird of prey, no two turtles are the same on camera. Even when I was first starting out in underwater photography, sea turtles have been one ... Read More

I was a water kid when I was growing up.I spent every summer vacation swimming, canoeing, waterskiing, and fishing. Actually not that much has changed in the past 30+ years with the exception that I now go diving and surfing more than waterskiing.Oceans, rivers, and coral reefs have always fascinated me. When I was assigned to work at the top marine biology lab in the ... Read More

Surf photography – the magic combination of wave, surfer, light, tide, and wind. When everything lines up (and the photographer is in the right spot), a great surf photo can happen. Maybe it’s the challenge of chasing the waves, light, and tide that makes surf photography such an inspiring art form. I’ve put this photo gallery together to include some of my favorite surf photos ... Read More