What if the dinosaurs aren’t really extinct? Standing on a deserted beach as a huge komodo dragon sprinted the full 500-meter stretch of sand, it’s a question that seems pretty relevant at the time. It’s fanged jaws dripping with murderous poison and hyperseptic bacteria, this last remaining species of dinosaur had every intention of having one of our group for dinner. We were on the ... Read More

This gallery includes some of my favorite aerial photos taken with a drone around the islands of Indonesia. Highlights include destinations such as Bali, the Mentawai Islands, Java, a liveaboard dive trip East of Flores, and more. My favorite shots are the aerial panoramic photos from some of the beautiful destinations I’ve been lucky to visit and photograph from new angles in the air. This ... Read More

I’ve always been amazed by stars and the night sky. One of the reasons I first wanted to get an SLR was to take photos of the night sky that weren’t possible with my simple point and shoot camera. It was a lot more difficult back then, film didn’t have the noise reduction and light sensitivity that today’s full frame digital SLR sensors have. Over ... Read More

Remember Steve McCurry’s famous portrait of the ‘Afghan girl’ on the cover of National Geographic? Her haunting expression made that photograph one of the most iconic of the 20th century. It’s also one of the best examples of how great portrait photography can capture the spirit of a place more than a conventional landscape or environment shot. Whenever I’m on assignment or traveling to a ... Read More

From the sapphire-blue shades of the shallows to the electric cobalt of the deep sea, the colors of the ocean are endlessly shifting and blending together. From the first time I saw the colors of the Caribbean Sea when I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with the beauty of the water surrounding the coasts and beaches in the tropics. Since then I’ve been lucky ... Read More