I was a water kid when I was growing up.I spent every summer vacation swimming, canoeing, waterskiing, and fishing. Actually not that much has changed in the past 30+ years with the exception that I now go diving and surfing more than waterskiing.Oceans, rivers, and coral reefs have always fascinated me. When I was assigned to work at the top marine biology lab in the ... Read More

Surf photography – the magic combination of wave, surfer, light, tide, and wind. When everything lines up (and the photographer is in the right spot), a great surf photo can happen. Maybe it’s the challenge of chasing the waves, light, and tide that makes surf photography such an inspiring art form. I’ve put this photo gallery together to include some of my favorite surf photos ... Read More

Uluwatu, Keramas, Canggu – Bali’s best surf spots read like a bucket list for anyone in search of the world’s best waves. And the level of surfers here is just epic – from surfing legends, to touring pros, to the best Balinese surfers, photographing Bali’s waves has been an inspiration of mine ever since I arrived here more than ten years ago. Since then, I’ve ... Read More