Sharks of Raja Ampat: Underwater Photo Gallery

Shark species in Raja Ampat range from the ultra-rare tasselled wobbegong to lightning-quick schools of baby black tip reef sharks crusing the reefs in search of an easy meal.

The presence of these apex predators is an indication that the conservation efforts across the Bird's Head Seascape - an enormous marine reserve that includes Raja Ampat - are working.

During our expedition across Raja Ampat with the Seven Seas in January 2018, we saw sharks on almost every dive - even seeing up to four wobbegong's on a single dive!

Photos from this gallery include white tip sharks, black tip sharks, tasseled wobbegongs, and grey reef sharks.

Check out the gallery below to see the photo highlights, or see the all the photo galleries from our Raja Ampat liveaboard dive trip - from scuba diving, to aerial photos, to freediving, to the incredible wildlife and local people living in this amazing place. You can also see galleries from other Seven Seas liveaboard dive trips - my absolute favorite way to explore the awesome natural beauty and unique cultures of Indonesia.

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