Sardines in Raja Ampat: Schools of Fish Gallery

Every year across Indonesia, enormous schools of silversided minnows congregate around the reefs to feed on upwellings of plankton. These huge concentrations of baitfish in turn attract larger predator species all the way up to whale sharks – the biggest fish in the sea.

During our twelve-day voyage across Raja Ampat on the Seven Seas, we were lucky to find schools of silversides on many dives. With so much bait in the water, we saw everything from dolphins to mobula mantas drawn in by the feeding frenzy.

Most photos were shot with my wide angle 16-35mm lens and a Canon 5D Mark IV camera body inside a Liquid Eye water housing. I’ve put together a few of my favorite shots from those incredible dives with the schooling silversides – every time we found them, the underwater activity was totally mesmerizing.

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