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Surfing Siargao – Destination Guide | Philippine Airlines | Mabuhay Magazine | Surf Photos & Travel Writing

Facing the open ocean waves of the Pacific, Siarao Island is located on the East Coast of the Philippines. and is one of the best surf spots in the country. And although it takes nearly 24 hours of bus, boat, bus, boat, tricycle, boat, and motorcycle travel to finally reach the wave from Dumaguete, I’ve been lucky enough to make it there several times. Sande Fuentes–my great friend from Dumaguete and owner of Hayahay (the best bar/music venue in town)–literally plans his work schedule around the swell forecast so whenever he says it’s a good time to go to surf Siargao’s Cloud 9 wave, I try to join him. We’ve had several great trips there over the past three years. So when I was asked to do a feature story on Siargao by Mabuhay magazine I drew on those trips as well as one I took there with Corey Ridings, one of my great friends from my Peace Corps batch. Thanks again for the great Siargao trips, Sande–will look forward to the next one!