‘Two Weeks in Bangkok and All I got Was This Lousy Coup’ | IZStyle.com Website Travel Photo Gallery

In 2006 I contributed some stories and photos to IZStyle.com, a website launched by Stefan Lessard (the Dave Matthews Band bass player) as a creative outlet. I got in touch with him to see about contributing some of my work to the site, and he put me in touch with his editor, Mike. I put together a few stories such as this one about Bangkok that they featured on the site. Thanks again Stefan and Mike for using my work!

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Contributed a double-page spread for the feature story in The Surfer’s Journal about surfing at Cloud 9 in Siargao, Philippines. The photo is a sunset with surfers walking back from a late afternoon session on the famous wooden pier above the reef at Cloud 9. ...READ MORE

The Maturation of Cloud 9 – Siargao Surfing Feature | The Surfer’s Journal | Double-Page Spread – Surf Photo of the Pier

Tommy Schultz

Photographer, Writer, & Film Maker

Tommy spent years capturing stories from around the world with his camera. He was inspired by the ocean, working with creative people, and sharing what he had learned along the way. If you're curious how / why he made the switch to being a full-time photographer, just click here.


November 1, 2006