Pirate Looks at 40 – Guitar Jam on the Seven Seas

Thirty -five days at sea - definitely one of the most EPIC trips of my life so far.

Starting out in Komodo National Park, I joined the Seven Seas for more than 3,000 kilometers of adventures across some of the most beautiful parts of the Indonesian archipelago. After leaving Flores, we traversed the entire Banda Arc, crisscrossing the Maluku Islands to finish the first leg in Maluku. From Seram Island, we ventured south into Papua, exploring Raja Ampat and the Birdshead Seascape.

Covering such huge distances meant we made some long overnight boat trips, leaving us to hang out on the sunny upper deck of the Seven Seas while we watched the sunset.

There's an old Martin guitar onboard and I always bring a new set of strings along to brighten up the sound a bit. I don't get to play music as much as I did when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, playing with my bandmates in Frying Nemo, but I did get a chance to tune up the Martin and play a few songs for anyone on board who was up for some sunset tunes.

In this video, I'm playing 'Pirate Looks at 40' - one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs. It was late afternoon during our crossing from the Banda Islands to Koon Island, and something about the vibe on board just felt like it matched the mood of Jimmy's classic tune.

The guitar parts were filmed by Seven Seas cruise director and cinematographer Alex Del Olmo using the new DJI Osmo Pocket II. The slight humming sound is from the Seven Seas engine, wasn't able to totally remove that in the post-production. I've included a few of my favorite aerial shots from my DJI Mavic Pro 2 and some underwater shots done with the Osmo Action camera.

One of the huge highlights of this trip was the first swim I ever had with sperm whales, won't soon forget being in the water with these giants (there's a quick shot of one in the video).

Thanks again to DJI Era and Urban Republic for their generous support of my work and keeping me updated with the latest gear from DJI. Every shot in this video was done using the amazing filmmaking tools from DJI!

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