The Milky Way in Komodo: Night Photos in Indonesia’s Astrophotography Paradise

I’ve always felt like we lost something as a species when it became impossible for most people to see the stars at night.

Something about that cosmic reminder that there’s so much more out there must have had an incredibly humbling and spiritual effect on our ancestors. Today it’s estimated that less than ten percent of people get to see the stars at all.

That’s why it feels all the more lucky to be in a place like Komodo – far from the electric lights of the city and a place where you can spend hours staring into the sparkling cathedral of the night sky.

During our twelve-day traverse of the National Park on the Seven Seas, I was about to get out at night for some of the best night photography I’ve ever experienced anywhere. I even slept out on the deck of the ship every night, waking up to the sight of the Milky Way spinning silently above us.

Pure magic.

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