Mentawai Island Aerial Photo Gallery

Aerial Views of the Mentawais: Tropical Panoramas from the Air

The Mentawais of Indonesian Sumatra are some of the most beautiful anywhere in the world.

Perfect waves, beautiful beaches, more palm trees than people. Had the chance to visit the islands in May, mostly shooting in and around the water but also had a chance to put the DJI Mavic Pro up in the air to do a few drone shots.

The epic views of the Ments made for some of my favorite aerial panoramics, created by stitching together as many as 25 individual shots into a singe image.

Check out the photo gallery below for the aerial highlights of the trip, or click here now to see the complete collection of photo galleries from the adventures – from surfing, to aerial photos, to underwater waves, to astrophotography, to some of the most beautiful tropical beaches on earth.