Komodo Coral Reefs: Finding Nemo in the Land of the Dragon

I’ve always been drawn to photographing the larger animals and fish when on a dive trip, but Komodo is also great for exploring all of the unusual species that you can find hidden among the beautiful corals.

From perfectly camouflaged scorpionfish to my all-time favorite, the ‘Nemo’ clown fish, we found an amazing variety of fish and invertebrates to watch and photograph underwater in Komodo.

Check out the gallery below to see the photo highlights, or see the all the photo galleries from our Komodo liveaboard dive trip – from scuba diving, to aerial photos, to freediving, to the incredible wildlife in this amazing place. You can also see galleries from other Seven Seas liveaboard dive trips – my absolute favorite way to explore the awesome natural beauty and unique cultures of Indonesia.