This photo of Apo Island was featured in ISLANDS magazine as the 'Get Here' destination in February 2015

ISLANDS Magazine Apo Island – Get Here Feature

ISLANDS Magazine ran my shot of the beautiful lagoon on Apo Island as a double page spread in their February 2015 issue as their ‘Get Here’ destination.

Scrambling to the top of Apo Island’s iconic ‘Boluarte Rock’ may not be the safest thing to do, but aside from renting a helicopter or parasail, it’s the only way to get this angle with a heavy SLR.

The photo was taken on a beautiful afternoon in June 2011 and has been one of my favorite shots from one of my favorite spots for years. So happy it caught the eye of the ISLANDS editors. As anyone who reads this blog regularly can guess, islands are a favorite photo subject of mine and ISLANDS magazine is definitely the world’s premiere publication to feature the top islands of the world.

Thanks again to Liberty’s Apo Island Resort, the only place I ever stay when I’m on the island.

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