Gerry Lopez in Bali - 50 Best Surf Photos from Uluwatu

Gerry Lopez in Bali – 50 Best Surf Photos from Uluwatu

Gerry Lopez first glimpsed Indonesia’s mythical Uluwatu surf break in a surf magazine in the early 1970’s – back then not many surfers were exploring the waves of Bali, Java, and beyond.

With the debut of ‘Morning of the Earth’in 1971, Alby Falzon and David Elfick’s definitive surf film about the dawn of modern surfing in Bali, surfers around the world were captivated by dreams of perfect tropical waves and Gerry’s signature style and grace while surfing Uluwatu’s perfect left-hand barrels.

When Gerry returned to Uluwatu in 2015, I was lucky to have the chance to get out in the water and shoot some photos with him. These were epic sessions – often lasting four hours and more – Gerry’s smile shining from hundreds of yards away every time he caught a ride on one of those magic Ulu waves. In between sets, he often stopped by to share one of his memories from the early days of his globe-trotting adventures, or give me some tips on where to swim to get a better angle on the action.

Every one of those days are among my favorites ever spent in the water, a happy merge of storytelling, amazing surfing, and the simple joy of sharing an afternoon on the waves in one of the world’s most beautiful surf spots – Bali.

Gerry has been back several times since that first homecoming visit in 2015, and this gallery is a collection of some of my favorite times spent swimming out in the Indian Ocean with the one and only ‘Mr. Pipeline’.

Thanks again Gerry 🙂

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