Exploring the Islands East of Flores - Travel Photo Gallery

Exploring the Islands East of Flores: Travel Photo Gallery

The islands East of Flores on the Indonesian archipelago are rarely visited and stunningly beautiful. From towering volcanoes rising out of thousands of feet of blue water to deserted white sand beaches, to rugged landscapes seemingly out of Jurassic Park, this photo gallery covers the highlights of this beautiful island chain from Lembata, to Lamalera, to Alor, and beyond.

Check out the gallery below to see the photo highlights, or see the all the photo galleries from our East of Flores liveaboard dive trip – from scuba diving, to aerial photos, to freediving, to island culture, to portraits of the people who live in this amazing place. You can also see galleries from other Seven Seas liveaboard dive trips – my absolute favorite way to explore the awesome natural beauty and unique cultures of Indonesia.