Komodo to the Spice Islands – EPIC Trip Aboard the Seven Seas

Twenty five days at sea and more than 1,300 nautical miles across the most beautiful (and least visited) islands of Eastern Indonesia. This expedition began aboard the Seven Seas liveaboard dive boat in Komodo and finished in the amazing Spice Islands of the Banda Sea.

Sometimes called 'The Forgotten Islands', this remote corner of Southeast Indonesia can only be visited one or two months out of the year because of the strong trade winds. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime voyage of adventure and exploration, just wanted to share a few highlights from the trip.

We found pods of sperm whales, schooling scalloped hammerhead sharks, huge greater hammerheads, sea snakes, dolphins, beautiful coral reefs, colonies of sea birds, and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish species.

This video includes just a few of the highlights, check out the blog for more adventures and photo galleries.

Thanks so much to the Seven Seas team for inviting me to join this EPIC trip - for more details about future adventures, please visit:

The Seven Seas Website

Thanks to my buddy / bandmate Kerwin and his bandmates in Odd for letting me use their awesome tune 'Between Sea & Sky' as the soundscape in this video, please check out their channel for more of their tunes - here's the full version of the song in this video:

'Between Sea and Sky' by Odd

Thanks so much to DJI and Urban Republic for the gear used to film this video:



Urban Republic

Thanks also to Liquid Eye Water Housings for always keeping the camera dry and always coming up with innovative solutions to the challenges of creating underwater imagery:

Liquid Eye Water Housings

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