Corals in Raja Ampat: Underwater Photo Gallery

Raja Ampat is home to more than 500 species of coral (75% of all varieties known worldwide), and the greater Bird’s Head Seascape is the most biodiverse place in the world.

Diving here is mind-blowing, even after seeing so many other amazing dive sites across the Coral Triangle. On our Seven Seas expedition to Raja Ampat in January, we saw an incredible variety of coral species – many that I don’t remember ever seeing before.

I put together this collection of photos as a closer look for everyone who’s curious about the different corals that we found in Raja Ampat.

Check out the gallery below to see the photo highlights, or see the all the photo galleries from our Raja Ampat liveaboard dive trip – from scuba diving, to aerial photos, to freediving, to the incredible wildlife and local people living in this amazing place. You can also see galleries from other Seven Seas liveaboard dive trips – my absolute favorite way to explore the awesome natural beauty and unique cultures of Indonesia.