Before surfing helped transform Bali’s southern peninsula into some of the most expensive real estate in Southeast Asia, the land was considered nearly worthless. Now, breakneck growth has left many to question whether Bali is in danger of losing its identity to mass tourism, pollution, and overdevelopment. In a culture that holds reincarnation at its core, the next generation is searching for the bridge between ... Read More

ISLANDS Magazine ran my shot of the beautiful lagoon on Apo Island as a double page spread in their February 2015 issue as their 'Get Here' destination.Scrambling to the top of Apo Island's iconic 'Boluarte Rock' may not be the safest thing to do, but aside from renting a helicopter or parasail, it's the only way to get this angle with a heavy SLR.The photo ... Read More

National Geograpic's newest large format hardcover coffee table book includes a double page spread of Mega Semadhi's air drop into the 'Green Room' of Bali's Padang Padang beach.Can't say how excited, humbled, and proud I am to have my work included with that of 'National Geographic's most renowned photographers'.The gallery below includes the entire sequence of photos from Mega's incredibly dangerous decision to take off ... Read More