My first introduction to Indonesia came through the Photovoices International project.Sponsored by National Geographic, the program was designed to document cultures and ways of life from communities in danger of disappearing.The first project focused on the subsistence whalers of Lamalera, who have been hunting sperm whales using handheld spears for at least 500 years. As I looked through literally thousands of images from the village, ... Read More

Given the choice, I'd much rather shoot underwater with natural light.This means staying less than thirty feet deep and really paying attention to the way the sun is hitting the water to get the maximum effect.Luckily, most of the dive spots we visited on the Seven Seas East of Flores trip were perfect for shallow water photography - epecially snorkeling or freediving.My friend Corey from ... Read More

Ten days on the Seven Seas liveaboard dive boat meant we spent most of our time underwater, but the itinerary did allow for plenty of island trips to meet the local people living in communities from Lamalera to the Abui tribe of Alor. This gallery includes many of my favorite travel portraits of the local people we met along the way.Check out the gallery below ... Read More

Consistently ranked one of the best islands in the world, Bali is the most magical place I’ve ever visited.Combining a centuries-old traditional Hindu culture framed by an epic backdrop of best surfing waves on the planet, there’s truly no place on earth like Bali. Add in the bonus of being home to some of the nicest people on the planet and it’s easy to see ... Read More