Had the chance to spend an absolutely amazing ten days in the Mentawais this past May.We were staying at Togat Nusa Retreat on Pitojat Island, an incredible surf retreat created by Ainsley and Johnny, who have built everything from scratch using driftwood that washed up on the beach.Most days were spent surfing, but with such incredible beauty all around us, there was a lot more ... Read More

The Mentawais of Indonesian Sumatra are some of the most beautiful anywhere in the world.Perfect waves, beautiful beaches, more palm trees than people. Had the chance to visit the islands in May, mostly shooting in and around the water but also had a chance to put the DJI Mavic Pro up in the air to do a few drone shots.The epic views of the Ments ... Read More

Have you ever dreamed of living on a private island?I know I have, but it's a pretty huge leap to make that dream come true.For some inspiration into turning your island dreams into reality look no further than my friends John and Ainsley at Togat Nusa Retreat in the Mentawais of Sumatra.They've carved their own paradise out of 12 hectacres of white sand beach edged ... Read More

Watching waves underwater has always fascinated me.The incredible explosion of water and air, the amazing way the light is bent by the curving ocean.The only problem is that in most surf spots, the water isn't nearly clear enough to see everything that's happening beneath the surface.This is DEFINITELY not the case in the Mentawais, where the visibility can sometimes stretch beyond 30 meters (90 feet) ... Read More

I've dreamed about visiting and surfing the Mentawai Islands ever since I arrived in Indonesia ten years ago.So when the invitation came up from Togat Nusa Retreat I jumped at the chance to spend ten days on a private island with an amazing group of friends, surfing and spending pretty much all day in and around the water or the beach.This photo gallery covers highlights ... Read More

Daily life in the Mentawais follows the rhythm of the sun and moon, the rise and fall of the tide, and the ebb and flow of Indian Ocean swells.When there's waves it's crazy busy, when there's not you have time to try to name every shade of blue you're seeing at the beach in front of you.This photo gallery covers highlights from ten days of ... Read More