Thirty -five days at sea - definitely one of the most EPIC trips of my life so far.Starting out in Komodo National Park, I joined the Seven Seas for more than 3,000 kilometers of adventures across some of the most beautiful parts of the Indonesian archipelago. After leaving Flores, we traversed the entire Banda Arc, crisscrossing the Maluku Islands to finish the first leg in ... Read More

Valerie and Ron Taylor first visited Komodo National Park in the 1970's. They discovered a paradise seen by only a few adventurous divers. One of the highlights was the discovery of 'Valerie's Rock', a tiny outcrop of an island that is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.In 2018, we returned to Valerie's Rock on an expedition with the Seven ... Read More

Komodo is famous for its legendary dragons, but Indonesia's National Park is also one of the best dive destinations anywhere on earth.With healthy coral reefs teeming with the tiniest tropical fish to large pelagic species such as sharks and mantas, it's one of the most amazing places I've been lucky enough to go diving.Speaking of lucky, this trip was the second on board the Seven ... Read More

Located in the heart of the legendary Coral Triangle, Komodo National Park is home to some of the best reefs in the world.At the end of July 2017, I was very lucky to join the owners and crew of the Seven Seas on a 12-day voyage across the islands of the Park. By far my favorite dives were in and around the beautiful shallow reefs ... Read More

The last of the dinosaurs remaining on planet Earth, the legendary Komodo dragon has inspired travelers since they were discovered by ancient mariners centuries ago.'Thar be dragons' an inscription often included on the earliest maps of the region, the dragons of Komodo were believed to be monsters from another realm.Today, the only place to find these amazing animals are on the islands of Komodo National ... Read More

I've always felt like we lost something as a species when it became impossible for most people to see the stars at night.Something about that cosmic reminder that there's so much more out there must have had an incredibly humbling and spiritual effect on our ancestors. Today it's estimated that less than ten percent of people get to see the stars at all.That's why it ... Read More