Gerry Lopez first glimpsed Indonesia's mythical Uluwatu surf break in a surf magazine in the early 1970's - back then not many surfers were exploring the waves of Bali, Java, and beyond.With the debut of 'Morning of the Earth'in 1971, Alby Falzon and David Elfick's definitive surf film about the dawn of modern surfing in Bali, surfers around the world were captivated by dreams of ... Read More

Before surfing helped transform Bali’s southern peninsula into some of the most expensive real estate in Southeast Asia, the land was considered nearly worthless. Now, breakneck growth has left many to question whether Bali is in danger of losing its identity to mass tourism, pollution, and overdevelopment. In a culture that holds reincarnation at its core, the next generation is searching for the bridge between ... Read More

National Geograpic's newest large format hardcover coffee table book includes a double page spread of Mega Semadhi's air drop into the 'Green Room' of Bali's Padang Padang beach.Can't say how excited, humbled, and proud I am to have my work included with that of 'National Geographic's most renowned photographers'.The gallery below includes the entire sequence of photos from Mega's incredibly dangerous decision to take off ... Read More

Consistently ranked one of the best islands in the world, Bali is the most magical place I’ve ever visited.Combining a centuries-old traditional Hindu culture framed by an epic backdrop of best surfing waves on the planet, there’s truly no place on earth like Bali. Add in the bonus of being home to some of the nicest people on the planet and it’s easy to see ... Read More

Ten years ago this month I was packing my bags for the adventure of a lifetime in the Philippines. That Peace Corps assignment in Dumaguete turned out to be just the beginnning of what has become my dream job—traveling the world as a photographer. Looking back on the photos from the past year has become an annual tradition; a way to take stock of where ... Read More

Photos from a sunrise boat trip from Kuta to Uluwatu with seven surf goddesses from Escape Havens Bali. ... Read More