Oriental Negros

Oriental Negros (or ‘Negros Oriental’) is one of two provinces on Negros Island, the fourth largest island in the Philippines. Dumaguete City is the provincial capital, and is (in my opinion) the coolest city in the Philippines. Negros has historically been known for its sprawling sugar cane plantations covering the green slopes of dormant volcanoes such as Mount Talinis which towers behind Dumaguete and overlooks the Tanon Strait. Apo Island is probably the most popular tourist destination in the province, and is one of the most famous dive sites in the entire Philippines. Other popular spots include Casaroro Falls near Valencia, Bais City for dolphin watching and a mangrove tour, Siaton for amazing sunsets and beaches, and Mt. Talinis for mountain climbing / trekking. I lived here for more than three years so at this point it’s like a home away from home.