Bali Surf Video: Perfect Barrels on the Bukit

We’ve just had our first big swell of 2011–last Wednesday kicked it off and things didn’t get quiet until today (Tuesday).

My New Year’s resolution this year is to put down the surf board more often and pick up the camera instead. Last year I didn’t get out to shoot enough when the waves were really nice.

Anyways, after getting one of the worst beatings of my life at Uluwatu on Thursday afternoon, I figured it was a sign to get in the water and shoot some photos / video. Agus from Bingin told me the waves would be nice on Saturday afternoon so I got over there for low tide and some perfect, head-high barrels.

Still getting the hang of working with video, so if anyone has any suggestions for improvement, could you leave them in the comments?

And if you like the music, it’s by ‘Baaba Seth’, one of my favorite bands–just click here to buy the cd (thanks again to Dirk for letting me include ‘Forward’ in the video!).