Get Seven Shortcuts to taking
amazing photos.

Learn Seven essential shortcuts to taking great photos
without reading one of those boring photography books.

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Introducing Seven Shortcuts to Better Photos

Learning how to take great photos doesn't have to feel like work.

Why torture yourself by reading a guide that seems like it was written by your high school Chemistry teacher and takes all the fun out of enjoying your new camera?

Photography is (and always has been) about capturing the highlights of your life and sharing them with family and friends. Since when did we start needing an engineering degree in aperture settings, shutter speeds, and ISO ratings to do that?

The truth is, digital cameras have come a long way in the past ten years.

Back in the old days of shooting film, you couldn't check right away to see if you got a good shot and correct it then and there. As a result, it was a lot more important to know the intricacies of how your camera worked--even when you were just a beginner.

What a difference a decade makes.

Today, even camera phones can capture better photos than the earliest digital cameras costing over a thousand dollars could take ten years ago. At this point the automatic settings do a decent job of covering which aperture and shutter speed you should use in most situations so it's less important to know about this.

There's one catch...

The camera can't do everything for you. You'll still need to know a few techniques to bring back the best photos possible from your next trip.

That's why I decided to create a compact guide to give you the shortcuts to taking better photos that took me years to figure out on my own.

The 'Seven Shortcuts Guide to Better Photos' is perfect for you if you:

  • Are really busy: you don’t want to learn everything about your camera, just the basics to start taking better photos today
  • Hate camera manuals: you cringe at the thought of wading through a lot of jargon about F-stops, shutter speeds, and metering modes
  • Like a one-on-one style of teaching: you don't like impersonal magazine articles or mass-market photo books
  • Like to learn at your own pace: you like to pick up your course whenever you have a few spare minutes
  • Want to take better photos: you're tired of saying 'this really looked better in real life'

"After years of using a regular point-and-shoot camera, I just upgraded to a Canon digital SLR. I've always loved to take photos (especially of my son Timmy), but since starting our family, our business, and launching our new website, Laptops Nappies and Paradise I haven't had time to read camera manuals or complicated photography tutorials.

Basically I just wanted to know the best techniques to get the most out of my new camera right away, so when I found Tommy's 'Shortcuts' course I decided to give it a try. The lessons were just the right mix of practical and technical advice to get me up to speed on the best techniques to get great photos as quickly as possible. "