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Before and After Photoshop edits

A Step-By-Step Guide to improving your photos: In the free Photoshop tutorial that you'll receive by e-mail, I'll show you exactly how I took the dull colors from this photo of a sea turtle and brought them closer to how they looked in real life..


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My FREE Photoshop Tutorial Video shows you
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Did you ever look at one of your shots and say 'this looked better in real life?'

Ever wonder why the photos you see in magazines look so much better than your shots?

How you can get the vibrant colors and high-impact that the pros get with their photos? If you're not doing any 'post-production' work in Photoshop, that could explain a lot of what's going wrong.

Back in the days of film, professional photographers used to edit and enhance their photos in the darkroom using techniques such as 'burning and dodging'. How do you think Ansel Adams got his photos to look so amazing (aside from talent of course)?

The days of chemicals and spending hours in the depressing glow of the red lightbulb in the darkroom are long gone, but many of the techniques used by film photographers back in the day still apply. Even though I shoot completely in the digital format now, I still try to achieve the 'film look' with my photos.

How to get the 'Film' look with your Digital Camera

When I first made the switch to digital seven years ago, I only had a basic understanding of what could be done in Adobe Photoshop. Since then, I've learned, modified, and created new techniques to improve the visual impact of my shots and get the digital results closer to the vibrant colors and rich contrast I loved when I shot only film.

In the past, I've only taught these techniques to family, friends, and students who have enrolled in one of my photography workshops. But as the number of questions from my photography newsletter subscribers has increased, 'how did you get the colors in that shot?' has been a common one.

I decided to test the idea of creating a special tutorial video that shows my top two Photoshop tricks and invite new and current subscribers to check it out. So as of right now, if you sign up for my free travel & underwater photography newsletter you'll receive instant access to my 'behind-the-scenes' Photoshop tutorial video.

For a limited time only...

Since this is a test, I'm honestly not sure how long I'll have this video up, so if you're interested please sign up now. Like I mentioned before, these techniques are usually only offered to students in one of my photography workshops so it's very possible that this video will be taken down soon.

Hope you find these tips and tricks helpful in improving your own photography--I know how difficult it can seem to learn Photoshop, but if you take the time to watch the free video I'm sure you'll be able to improve your own photos in the future.

Thanks a lot for signing up!

Free Wallpaper for your computer or iPhone

Computer desktop wallpaper: With your free 'Top 10' wallpaper download you'll get photos formatted for the popular widescreen and standard monitor sizes.

Free Wallpaper for your computer or iPhone

Free iPhone Wallpaper: Inluded with your 'Top 10' wallpapers download you'll also get copies of every photo sized to perfectly fit your iPhone.


Free Wallpapers for iPhone and Computer

Additional bonus for newsletter subscribers - 'Top 10' photo wallpapers for free

Tired of the generic wallpaper that came with your computer or iPhone?

I know I definitely am. I originally created these wallpapers for my own computer, but after getting some requests from several readers, I decided to offer my 'Top 10' photo wallpapers as a thank-you to everyone who signs up to join my free weekly newsletter.

What you'll get as a free subscriber:

  • Photoshop Secrets Tutorial Video: You'll be able to watch exactly how I edit and enhance my photos using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom--normally I teach these techniques only to family, friends, and photography workshop students.
  • Photo of the Week: I'll send you one of my very best photos as a weekly getaway to your Inbox. And as a bonus that's included with your newsletter subscription, you'll be able to download every 'Photo of the Week' for your computer or iPhone--just like the shots from the 'Top 10'.
  • Tips to improve your photos: Helping friends and family take better photos when they go on a trip is one of the most rewarding aspects of learning about photography for me. As a part of your newsletter subscription I'll be sending you some tips and tricks that I've learned during nearly 20 years spent behind the lens.
  • Access to my Free 'How to get Pro Results' Photo Class: You'll receive an invitation to join my free digital photography class 'How to get Pro Results with a Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera'. I hope you'll take advantage of this course while it's still free--I'm actually planning to turn it into a book and sell it in the future.
  • Travel Stories & Travel Advice: I'll be updating my blog from time to time with stories and tips from my travels that will hopefully help you get the most out of your next vacation.


Anyways, whether you decide to join or not, I want to thank you for stopping by my site today and I hope if you know anyone else who might be interested in what you've found here that you'll forward the link to them or share it on Facebook.

Thanks a lot!

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