Bali Surf Photography: Picture yourself here
Backlit sunset barrels at Bingin Beach. Bingin is easily one of my favorite spots for surf photography in Bali.


Bali Surf Photography: Backlit barrels and Big Waves from the Bukit

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A Bali surfer getting barreled at Bingin Beach
Low tide barrels at Bingin Beach in Bali.

Bali is one of the best places on earth for surf photography. With big, blue Indian Ocean waves breaking like clockwork year round and warm, tropical sunrises and sunsets with mid-day blue skies to light them up, sometimes it can seem hard to get a bad photo here.

The Big Swell of 2009: Indian Ocean Bombs at Padang Padang

This was a day in Bali you had to see to believe. Clocking in at around 20 feet and a period of about 20 seconds, Bali got slammed with some of the biggest waves to appear on the Indian Ocean horizon in about seven years. All the best surfers on the island headed to Padang Padang, where they put on a show of barrel-riding that probably hasn't been seen this side of the North Shore.

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Bali Surf Photography Gallery: Sunset barrels at Bingin Beach

Backlit Sunset Barrels at Bingin Beach

Bingin at sunset is amazing for surf photography. Dredging barrels backlit by the sun dropping below the Indian Ocean horizon, it's no surprise that Bingin draws some of the most intense competition of any wave on Bali. This gallery includes highlights from an epic afternoon of shooting Bingin with perfect light and perfect waves.

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Big Blue Waves in Bali: Summer 2009

Some days when you pull in the Balangan parking lot, you just know it's going to be epic. In July 2009, my friend Sande from Dumaguete, Preston, and Eddy Bagus got into some of the best waves I've ever seen at Balangan Beach. Light offshore wind, an eleven foot swell, and perfectly blue skies made this one of the best Bali surf photo shoots of the entire summer.

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Bali Surf Photography Gallery: Big blue waves at Bingin Beach

Low, Low, Tide Barrels at Bingin Beach

I'm pretty sure I saw several waves break below sea level at Bingin that day. How is that possible? Probably had something to do with the 0.2 meter low tide and the eight and ten foot barrels sucking all the water off the reef before they slammed into the jagged coral... Anyway, aside from that it was another nice afternoon to shoot Bingin in June, 2010.

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Bali Surf Photography Gallery: Sunset waves at Balangan Beach

Glassy Afternoon Waves at Balangan Beach

The new Canon G11 got inaugurated at Balangan Beach at the end of May, 2010. The waves were glassy, the tide was low, and the crowd was well-behaved. Jeremy, Eddy Bagus, and Ozy were in the lineup so I mostly tried to get shots of them. The G11 held up great and is a big improvement over the Canon Powershot I used to shoot for surf photography.

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