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Underwater Photography  (301 Photos)

Underwater photography doesn’t have to involve spending $10,000 and more on a digital SLR, lenses, ports, strobes, and other expensive equipment. Canon offers a simple underwater case (typically costing less than $200) for all of its point-and-shoot digital cameras such as the Elph and Powershot. At a fraction of the investment required to get into digital underwater photography with an SLR, the photos you’ll bring back won’t be quite as good as those taken with a high-end SLR, but it’s definitely possible to get some great shots with a simple point-and-shoot sealed in a Canon underwater case.

This was how I got my start with digital underwater photography in fact. Since salt water and cameras don’t mix, I was a little nervous about putting even $2,000 worth of camera equipment in a little plastic case and hoping I kept the ‘o’ ring clean so the thing wouldn’t leak. The underwater photos you’ll find in this underwater photography gallery were shot on scuba diving trips in the Philippines and Bali, Indonesia using a Canon digital Elph S400 (in 2004), a Canon digital Elph S500 (from 2005 to 2006), and a Canon Powershot A460 (from 2007 to the present). All of them were sealed in a Canon underwater case specifically made for that model of camera.