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Big Wave  (102 Photos)

I’m always trying to get a good photo of a big wave, but sometimes it is hard to put down the surf board and pick up the camera instead. In the winter of 2009 in Bali (September) there were several swells that rolled in over the Indian Ocean that were waaaay to big for me to surf so I swam out with my camera and a pair of force fins to try to get the best angle from the water. By far the best big waves that I’ve had a chance to photograph were at Padang Padang around the middle of September 2009, just after the Rip Curl Cup at the beach. With set waves pushing more than 20 feet high, and backlit by the sun setting over the Indian Ocean, the conditions were pretty much perfect for big wave photography. I’ve also never seen surfing at that level (pro) up close and not on a tv. This gallery also includes some big wave photos from other Bali beaches, but by far the biggest were from Padang Padang.