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Clown Fish  (117 Photos)

Clown fish (also known as anemonefish) are my favorite species of tropical fish. They’re from the subfamily Amphiprioninae and include approximiately 28 species. They live symbiotically with different species of anemone throughout the coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans (they also inhabit the Great Barrier Reef and Red Sea). Disney’s ‘Finding Nemo’ made them a household name and also one of the most popular saltwater aquarium fish. I love them as a photography subject because they stay more or less in one place, are brightly colored, and contrast really nicely with the anemones that they live in. Most of the underwater photos from this clown fish gallery were taken on the coral reefs of Apo Island, Sumilon Island, Balicasag Island, and Bali, Indonesia.