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Bangkok  (45 Photos)

Bangkok is my favorite big city in Southeast Asia. It’s also the first place I ever visited in Asia so that might have something to do with my nostalgia for the place. Even though it has a reputation for being a sprawling, chaotic, traffic-choked urban nightmare, there’s so much activity and something (literally) for everyone, it’s pretty easy to forgive the traffic jams. Especially if you use the Skytrain you can avoid a lot of the traffic hassles and still be able to reach a lot of the highlight spots in the city. Backpackers love the Khao San Road, the expats seem to like the Sukhumvit Road area. I’ve only stayed on the Khao San Road one night and couldn’t handle the constant hassles and drunk tourists. My friend Steve and I found out about the nearby Thewet neighborhood near the National Library from some Thailand Peace Corps volunteers who always stayed at the Taewez Guest House. I don’t stay at the Taewez anymore now, but there are several great guest houses nearby that are worth a look. Favorite Bangkok spots to visit are the Bangkok snake farm, the Chatuchak Weekend Market, lunch or dinner at the Atlanta Hotel, a sunset trip on a Chao Phraya River to visit Wat Pho, and maybe a trip in to MBK mall or Patpong Road for some of the most interesting people watching you will find anywhere.