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2009  (430 Photos)

I rang in 2009 in Kathmandu, Nepal with Steve and Nara. After spending the first part of January in Nepal, I connected back to the Philippines where I prepared to relocate from Dumaguete to Bali, Indonesia. Living out on the Bukit peninsula near most of the best surf beaches on the island, I spent a lot of time in the Indian Ocean trying to figure out how to ride the big, blue, glassy rollers crashing onto the beaches and reefs at the South of Bali. Still plenty of progress to be made there. I started shooting surf photography using a pair of force fins to keep up with the strong currents generated by the big waves. I hung on to the Canon 40D, always keeping an eye on the ultimate goal: a full-frame 5D and some high-end lenses. This was also the year that I decided to finally upgrade my website. The re-design has taken about four times as long as I expected (mostly due to a really difficult and frustrating outsourcing experience with a West Bengal, India based programming shop named ESolz that I hired through Elance. If you’re thinking of hiring this company, I would definitely advise against that.)