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2007  (66 Photos)

I spent much of 2007 at home in the States planning my launch as a full-time freelancer. I upgraded my 8-megapixel Canon Rebel XT to the new 10-megapixel Rebel XTi, as well as switching up to a ten-megapixel Canon Powershot A640 with an underwater case and external flash (strobe). Also picked up a nice 60mm macro lens that has turned out to be a very versatile lens for close-up shots as well as portraits. In August 2007 I moved back to Dumaguete to launch myself as a freelance photographer and writer, using the Philippines as a base to work on editorial and advertising projects for publication. This was also the year that I made my first trip to Bali to help out with the Photovoices project. Notable trips included a road trip from Dumaguete to Bacolod with my friends Sande & Sanda Fuentes for a concert with our friends from the Visayan reggae band Enchi, a return to Guimaras with the Silliman University Marine Lab to assess the oil spill there, and the first trip to Bali, Indonesia.